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Online Training Hosting Access – Agreement and Sign Up

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We Provide Online Training Hosting for Home Commuter

This is the online hosting account sign up page for Home Commuter’s Work-at-Home Training and Job Program.

We are Online Training Host which is a third party that provides the online training hosting accounts for Home Commuter’s members. If you have any questions about their program please contact them directly.

As part of our service we will provide you with a dedicated online hosting account that will allow you to access Home Commuter’s program 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year.

We provide the needed hosting that will allow you to securely process training on our SSL secure servers. We allow unlimited bandwidth and data transfer for all of Home Commuter’s members.

Hosting Account Access Fee

We charge a special discount for Home Commuter’s members which is a one-time only fee of $35.00

Hosting Account Refund Policy

The fee of $35 which is refundable based on Home Commuter’s 30 day refund policy. All refund must be submitted directly through Home Commuter and then once refund is approved we will process your refund directly.

After Payment Procedure

After you have submitted your one-time payment fee you will be automatically redirected to a page that will instruct you how to set up a personal login username and password for access to the online training and job program provided by Home Commuter.

Logging Into Members’ Online Training Program

Once your login username and password is set up you will login directly from Home Commuter’s “Members Login” program located on their home page at

To Get Started Click the Payment Link Below To Submit Your One-Time Payment of




Pay by PayPal account or all major credit card

* If you have any issues receiving your information after payment contact and they will assist in getting your account set up details directly.