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Viewing Instruction & Troubleshooting  Videos

We do have several video tutorials in this program for our training. This is a brief introduction on how to use the video player for our tutorials. Please watch the video below to learn how to start/stop/pause or rewind the video player as well as enlarge the video screen for better viewing.

(To view in “FULL SCREEN” click the arrow at lower right of video screen)

Can’t see video? CLICK HERE for external link to video

If you are getting SOME videos to play, then we will first suggest to refresh the pages, or go out of training page, then back in to that same page.

If that doesn’t work to get a video to play, then we will suggest to try a different web browser from the list previously mentioned.

If you are not getting NO videos to play then we will first suggest to click the “Compatibility” button in your Web browser as many times your browser’s compatibility settings will not allow certain videos to play.

* We do provide direct external links to videos if no videos are showing up — simply click the “Can’t see video?” link we provide. All the videos will open in new window to allow you to follow the training while viewing the video.

If you are getting no videos you may need to download the latest Adobe Flash Player. DOWNLOAD THE LATEST ADOBE FLASH PLAYER HERE