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Article Revenue Sharing

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Here is a great way to earn some extra cash by posting articles to the Web.

The primary revenue-earning program you will use is called Google AdSense to make money from posting your articles to the AdSense Revenue-sharing blog platforms that we will list for you in this program.

If you are not sure what Google AdSense is don’t worry, we will explain how that program works in great detail, and how you can earn money from Google advertisements that pay YOU!

We will also show you how you can add additional revenue-earning programs such as eBay’s Publisher Network, and Amazon’s Affiliate Network that can create even more revenue from simple articles you post.

All you will need to do is sign up for a the revenue-sharing site we provide and submit short articles on just about any subject and get paid.

We will cover everything from getting signed up with the revenue-sharing site, to adding Google AdSense, eBay and Amazon to make money!

Many members of our program do very well with this program because it is a very simply program to do, and all that is required is some article content you will create.

And if you were to use the tips we give in the “Article Writing Tips” section you will see how simple and quickly you can create the needed articles.

So let’s start by explaining some of the particulars about this program.

What Is Google AdSense
Since Google AdSense will be your number one income earning platform, we will explain a little more about them. Google AdSense became available online, thousands of websites and Internet entrepreneurs have been using Google AdSense to earn an income online. Signing up for the program is free, very simple, and once you are approved, adding article content and a line of code is all that is needed to get paid.

Through its AdSense program, Google allows you earn money without the need for you to sell anything at all, to anyone, anywhere, at anytime. Google will pay YOU! when someone clicks on their contextual ad boxes displayed in your articles.

You can get paid anywhere from .03 cents to $10 per each click depending on the content displayed in your Google Adsense text ad box.

To not to confuse this with Google AdWords which is Google’s advertisement program that you pay to use. Google AdSense will always pay you on time, and with never any costs to you.

How Content Article Revenue-Sharing Works

1) You will submit your articles to the revenue-sharing blog platforms we will list; in return these sites will place your Google AdSense codes in your articles.

2) The revenue-sharing blogs will then rotate your articles to thousands of viewers of your article. When someone reads you articles or posts, and then clicks on the Google AdSense box in your articles, you get paid. Yes, it is that simple.

No one needs to purchase anything for you to get paid.

What You Will Be Submitting to the Revenue-Sharing Blogs
You will submit simple articles on any subject or niche you can think of to these blogs. You will be able to post reviews on certain products or services if you choose. You will be able to make simple posts to other articles and have your AdSense displayed.

Partnership with the Revenue-Sharing Blogs
When you submit your articles to these revenue-sharing blogs, they will be posted for all their readers and viewers to see. These will be displayed with both your Google AdSense, as well as the revenue-sharing blog Google AdSense.

The minimum rotate this 50/50, so half the time their Google AdSense will be displayed, the other half the time your Google AdSense will be displayed. Although Hubpages which is our primary revenue-sharing blog will actually rotate your ads 60% of the time. This is very fair as you will provide the content, and they will supply the traffic of readers. Everyone is a winner and everyone gets paid with this partnership.

The Codes That Need to Be Placed in the Revenue-sharing Sites
When you sign up for Google AdSense account, Google will assign you a unique code called a “Publisher ID.” This code will be found in your Google account. You will place this code in all of the revenue-sharing blog account settings to ensure you get paid your share of the Google AdSense sharing.

We are going to show you how to get signed up with your free Google AdSense account, and where to locate the special code you will place into the revenue-sharing blog accounts.

How Much Money Can Be Made with AdSense Revenue-sharing
How much you can earn will be entirely up to you as there are a two factors that will affect this:

1) The amount of money you can earn will depend on how many articles you submit. If you only submit one article then your chances to make money are limited. If you are active and are submitting multiple articles then the earnings can be unlimited.

2) How popular your article submissions become is the biggest factor on how much you can earn.  The more popular your articles are, the further they move up on these revenue-sharing blogs, which will then get more readers or viewers. Remember the more money you make, the more money the revenue-sharing blogs will make as well. So this is a partnership between you and the revenue-sharing blogs we provide.

An aggressive submitter to these revenue sites can easily make $1000 or more per month with their Google AdSense, and that is with only ONE revenue-sharing blogs. We are going to give you SEVERAL of these revenue-sharing blogs to post your articles on.

On a few of the revenue-sharing blogs we will provide a list their top income earners from time to time. Their top members can make over $70,000 a year. We would assume they are extremely active to make that amount, but it just shows you that there is a good income being made.

How Often You Are Paid, and Who Sends You Your Money
Google will be the one that pays you directly through your Google AdSense account. Google sends out payments once a month by: check by mail, or direct deposit whichever you choose in your Google AdSense account payment settings.

Here are the training sections we will cover:

1. Getting Set Up With Your Main Revenue-Sharing Site

2. Posting Your First Hub Article

3. Monetizing Your Hubpages to Make Money

4. Setting Up Your Google AdSense Account

5. How to Obtain Your Google AdSense Tracking Code

6. Additional Revenue-Sharing Blog Platforms to Use

This is a real simple program to get off the ground and if you follow the steps we provide you can be done in less than one hour!