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Blogging Income Training

blogging-set-up #1. Setting Up Your Blog (8 Videos)
In module #1, we will walk you through all the needed steps to set up a WordPress blog. By breaking this down in eight videos will allow you to take easy baby steps to make sure your blog is set up correctly and ready to make money.
blogging-add-content #2.  Adding Content and Posts to Your Blog (4 Videos)
The old term “content is king” really plays a role on your blog’s success. So in this module we will provide four videos to show you how to publish your posts, find content and hot topics for your blog to ensure the readers keep coming back, which equals more money for you.
blogging-make-money #3.  How to Make Money With Your Blog (3 Videos)
Of course this is going to be the most important module because there is no sense in spending your time creating and posting to your blog if you can’t make money. We will show you in two videos how to best monetize and make money with your blog.
blogging-monitoring #4.  Blog Monitoring and Posting (2 Videos)
We have two videos for your to view in this section to show you how to get guest posts that will help your blog’s traffic and a monitoring tool that will send alerts when someone is talking about your blog or subjects.
blogging-free-traffic #5.  Free Traffic for Your Blog (1 Video)
This is only one video that will show you some great tactics and sources to get free traffic to your blog. This is very important especially right after creating your blog.
blogging-seo-tactics #6.  SEO Basics for Ranking Your Blog (1 Video)
Setting up and putting your best SEO practices in place right now will help your blog rank better in the search results.
blogging-social-networks #7.  Using Social Networks for Blog Traffic (5 Videos)
Using social networks can really accelerate your blog traffic and earnings. We will show you some simple ways to get people talking about your blog and using the social networks to your advantage.
blogging-experts #8.  Featured Blogging & Marketing Experts (1 Video)
Having a lot of visitors to your site is great, but at the end of the day most bloggers want to make money. Monetize your blog with these best methods and practices.

Blogging Income Program Resources

This resource page was created to give you access to my arsenal of blogging and online marketing tools and services I currently use for my business today. Many of these services are mentioned throughout the course material.

All the resources below are mentioned in the course. However, these are all optional to use and you can do this course with out spending any additional money if you choose.

HostGator-Resources HostGator – Web Hosting –  Every web site or blog needs a web hosting service. HostGator is one of the largest players in the web hosting space and they have quality hosting packages for businesses of all sizes. The $6.97 “Hatching” package is best for any new or established blogger.
LeadPages-Resources Lead Pages – Lead Page Generator –  Leadpages makes the process of create lead generation pages easy. I’m currently using Leadpages to drive signups to my newsletters and webinars through paid advertising methods. Leadpages packages starts at $37 a month to create unlimited pages.
Aweber-Resources Aweber – List Hosting Solution –  A mailing list is the best way to grow and monetize your blog or online business. I’ve been hosting my mailing lists with Aweber for over 7 years now and they are the easiest and most reliable solution out there. First month of hosting is only $1.
OptiMonster-Resources Optin Monster – Popup Lead Generations –  It’s one thing to setup a mailing list and it’s another to actually get people to signup for it. There is no better way to convert your audience into subscribers than with OptinMonster. This WordPress plugin starts at $49.
LongTailPro-Resources LongTailPro – Keyword Research Tool –  LongTailPro is a software that makes it easy for you to find long tail keywords that you might want to rank for. In addition to keyword research, you can also view competitor rankings, available domain names and competition scores for main page rankings. This is my favorite tool for keyword research and coming up with new blog content ideas. $97 and comes with a free 10 day trial.
Fiverr-Resources Fiverr – Micro Job Services –  Fiverr is a micro job site where you can outsource work for $5 and up. Fiverr is great for content creation, ebook covers, social profile images and other related tasks.