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Content Writing Jobs

Getting Prepared
To get you prepared to start submitting articles we need to point out a few things to help better prepare you for getting work.

1. Keep a desktop Notepad or Wordpad handy to make personal notes of who you’ve made contact with. Some of the publishing companies may require you to set up a free account, so this will he handy to keep track of these publishing companies and your account  logins.

2. It might be a good idea to have one article created already if you are going to submit your articles to the publishing companies we provide. We mentioned that you should be prepared to submit your first article to each publisher site for free. With some of these publishing sites that will be a requirement. Basically they want to see that you can create decent articles, and more importantly they want to check that you know how to write content articles with SEO in mind.

Remember some of the popular niches we mentioned earlier. This is usually a good place to start and popular with the publishing companies as well.

Note: We do provide direct jobs and assignments that will not need to go through publishing companies, so you don’t need to create an article if you don’t plan on submitting to article publishing companies.

3. Don’t forget you can also use the methods in the Article Writing Tips we provide in the “Resources” section in left side menu to help you with your articles.

4. Make sure there is a clear understanding of what the assignment is requiring. Make sure you and your client agree in writing of the requirements of the article such as article subject, word count and any specific keywords the client are wanting to target with your article.

Use what we have taught you in training about keyword density, unless the client specifically asks for something different.

5.  When dealing with companies and individuals directly, remember to make sure you are paid before sending them the completed article. You can ask for 1/2 upfront, or full payment when completed.

6. Don’t overprice your services upon doing your first few jobs. This will allow you to get some articles under your belt while still earning money. Also, many of these companies or individuals will send you a lot of work if they like your articles. You can then raise the price as you do more articles and usually a dedicated client won’t hesitate to pay your fee. Remember many of these companies or individuals lively hood depends on good content.

7. Most important — Have Fun!

You can view the sections below to start getting your work!

IMPORTANT: Because there are literally thousands of jobs and assignments listed on this page we can’t screen everyone of them. Just be careful to NEVER send money or pay for the jobs. If you find one resource we provide that is consistently trying to get you to pay money, please email us and we will investigate the resource.

Content Publishing Companies

The following companies are content publishing companies. These sites will accept your SEO content articles. Sign up for your publisher account with any of the companies we provide.

Many will have you submit a sample article to evaluate your writing skills. These publishers will contact you to start asking for content on different subjects.

When you get an assignment they will give you all the needed details such as subject of article, keywords needed, word count and keyword density. Some of these publishers may also have you do other tasks such as rewrites, and blog posts.

Click on the publisher’s logo to go directly to their website to get signed up. Follow any instructions given to assure you don’t miss any valuable information.

Feel free to view through their complete website as you can get a good idea on how they work as well as view some other submitted articles.

After you sign up most of the publishing sites will approve your membership instantly. Some of these publishing sites can take up to seven business days to approve your account.

Content Writing Job Listing

We will give you access to content article writing jobs listing. All you need to do is view through the possible assignments and choose which you would like to do.

Each job assignment will list the complete job details and usually will mention the pay. If the pay is not mentioned you can contact the job assigner and get the payment details as well as any additional information you may need.

There are many types of writing jobs available. Not only will you see thousands of content article writing assignments, you will see many other types of good paying freelance writing jobs.

Content Writing Direct Jobs

Below we will provide a list of jobs you will be able to get directly through the sources we provide.

Although we do list the jobs by country, state, city or region, you can explore any area you choose. All of the work will be done online from your home.

One of the reasons we do list by region is it may allow you to do content articles in other languages by selected areas.

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