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Content Typing Job Overview

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With this program you will be a freelance content article writer and will have the ability to submit articles to be published by publishing companies, websites, blogs, newsletters, and more that will pay you good money for your articles.

Articles will be purchased for anywhere from $50 to $500 or more per article. There is no specific content required; it all depends on what each publishing company, website, blog, etc is looking for at any particular time.

The publishers, website, blogs, etc. will provide you with the assignment details of what they are looking for in the article. All you do is create the content as described in the assignment, deliver the article and get paid.

There are several different types of freelance article writers, you will be working in as an online content article writer which comes in a few different forms.

In this program you will see all the different opportunities a content article writer will have in this lucrative business.

Out of all the opportunities online, this by far is the best! If you just look at the number of websites that are in need of content it is mind boggling.

It is hard to come up with a firm number but many experts are guessing there are as many as five million websites for every content writer. And with 100,000 websites added to the Internet PER DAY, that number is growing faster than ever.

We will give you a brief overview of what to expect of being a content article writer. After we run through this overview we will get you going in your detailed training.

You Can Make Very Good Money From Creating Web Content Articles
One of the first questions you may be asking yourself if “Can I really make money typing articles?” and the answer to this is “ABSOLUTELY.” The Internet is growing so rapidly and as websites realize the only way to succeed is to have good fresh content on their sites, this opportunity will continue to grow.

The problem is that the supply and demand factor is favoring the writers as article publishing companies can’t keep enough fresh article content supplied to these websites, blogs, newsletters, etc.

This is where you will come in and profit from this opportunity. The important thing is that you will need to establish yourself with these publishing companies, websites, and blogs, but once you do you will be making very good money from supplying good articles for pay.

Also we will give you publishing sites that will pay you for non content related articles as well as pay you to submit short essays.

By the end of this program you will not only be an expert content writer, you will have more work than you know what to do with if you follow the program.

Examples of Pay for Your Articles
After completing the training you will do your first few articles for about $5 to $10 per 500-word article.

After you have created a few articles you will be able to increase your pay per article to about $25 per 500-word article.

Once you have established yourself with the publishers, websites, and blogs, you can pretty much charge what you want staying within the industry standards.

Here is what current industry standards for professional content article writers charge:
Short articles usually 500 words or less will pay between $10 to $25 per article.
Longer articles between 500 and 1000 words will pay between $25 to $75 per article.
Articles over 1500 words will pay as much as $100 or more per article.

The rates above are based on single articles. Some content article writers will provide a bulk discounts for publishers who purchase a lot of articles.

With our program we will show you how to create 500-word article in as little as 10 minutes or less.

Take a look at this website that was set up by an independent content article writer who offers package deals to her clients.

This tells you that this person is making good money if they have set up their own website and are offering package deals. This person started out exactly how you are starting now and has grown this into their own online business.

Note: You don’t need a website with this program, but it is something that could be an option as you grow. You can make a decision whether you want to start your own blog or website to provide services in content article writing as you broaden your career with this program.

Here is a copy of a report of average earnings for SEO content article writers:


The income average mentioned above is only for 3/4 of a year. It is also for part time and full time writers.

Part time content writers can make $25K to $45K a year.

Full time content writers can make $75K to $200K a year.

Fast Growing Opportunity

This is one of the fastest growing opportunities to work from home. The reason is because search engines like Google has changed their criteria for website rankings to focus more on fresh content for websites. This has sent website and business owners looking for fresh articles for their websites so they can be ranked higher on the search engines.

Here is a trend chart showing the growth over the past few years for SEO content article writers:


You will see this is an upward trend and is expected to double over the next year.


Working as an Independent Contractor – Unlimited Opportunities
You will be working as an independent contractor with this program. This means you keep everything you earn from writing your content articles. With this program you will have unlimited opportunities which we provide as such:

Simple Writing Opportunity: With this program you can keep things simple. If you just want to make some extra money submitting articles to publisher we provide, then that is available. All you need to do is prepare your articles and submit them to publishing companies listed in our program and get paid.

Expanded Opportunity: Also with this program we will give you the option to work directly with online businesses. We will show you how to get unlimited opportunities from millions of websites both globally and locally. You simply use the procedures we show you in our program to contact websites or blogs, and get work directly from them.

Enterprise Business Opportunity: For those members (colleagues) who want to take this program to the extreme, we will provide you with everything you need to make this more of an online business. You would be able to set up your own website, blog, etc and enterprise this as an article content provider business. We have had many members take this program to this level and actually have hired staff and writers to work for them. We are now talking about a million dollar opportunity.

We leave the choice up to you on how far you want to take this. We give you everything you need to succeed on which ever level you choose. The money is on the table, it is up to you on how much you want to take!

How you Will Be Paid
Most of these publishing companies, websites, and blogs will give you the option of being paid by EITHER PayPal, direct bank deposit, or mailed check. For persons who can’t get paid by these methods we have complete payment solutions to ensure you will be paid for your articles no matter what country you live in or your personal situation.

You will be able to make your choice based on your own preference. Some of the larger publishing companies will pay net 30 days. Many of the smaller publisher companies, websites, or blogs will pay upon delivery of article.

Content of Articles
We have mentioned that your articles can be about anything you want to write about, and you will get a better idea of what many of these article publishing companies, websites, or blogs are looking for once you start submitting your articles.

With the publishing companies you will see you can submit articles for just about everything you can think of, the reason is these publishing companies will be providing millions of websites on just about every subject directly. So it is important for these publishing companies to have fresh content in many subjects.

When dealing with websites, blogs, or writing a newsletter you will see more specific topics. This is because more websites, blogs. etc. will be dealing with one specific content. For example if you were to submit an article to Avon then your article’s content would be about Avon products or Avon company in general.

We will cover this in great detail in this program…

Article Writing Tricks and Tips
We are going to mention a few times in this training to use our “Article Writing Tips” section. This will save you time when you start creating your articles for publishers, websites, and blogs. This will give you details on how to create a good profitable article with ease.

Use the methods we show you that will make you look like a professional article writer, even if you have never written and article in your life.

Who Can Create Content Articles
The best part about this program is that anyone from virtually anywhere can create articles for these publishing companies, websites, or blogs. Whether you are from the U.S.A or Zimbabwe you will have the same opportunity as long as you can type, and follow our training we provide in this program.

For now most of the content will need to be written in English. However, many of these publishing companies are asking for articles in different languages as the Internet keeps growing and many websites from all over the world are looking for content to add to their websites which may be in a different language.

This is a rapidly growing industry that is requiring freelance article writers from all over the world!