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Setting Up Second Business E-Mail Account

Before you start your training with any of the job programs, we suggest you get a secondary email address to be used specifically for this business and the work you will be doing.

This makes it easier to sort through your e-mail for your business and keep it separated from your personal emails. If you already have a secondary email account you use for business you don’t need to set up another.

You can use that secondary email for these jobs we provide if you prefer. T

here are three free email accounts we will suggest to use, and the choice on which one you use is up to you. * Because many of the tools we use will use Google’s platform we suggest to get a G-Mail account. All Google tools require logins which can be done through your G-Mail account you set up here.

Suggested Free Email Account Providers

Here are all the suggested free email providers we suggest. You only need to select one out of the three for your business email account for our program. We provide direct links to the email account sign up pages below.