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General Audio Transcription Jobs

We will provide three primary job resources for you to explore to get transcription assignments on this page. You will want to make sure that the transcription assignments or jobs is for “General” transcription and not medical or legal.

Usually if you see a job or assignment listed as just “Transcription” that will be a general transcription job or assignment you can explore further to get the job details.

Here is the breakdown for the jobs and assignment categories we provide on this page:

1. Transcription Outsource Services – You can apply online with the transcription service companies we provide which will outsource assignments directly to you. Generally you would be a contractor for that company.

2. Transcription Job Listings  – We will provide direct links to job listings from thousands of combined sources. You will be able to view the job assignment directly and if you are interested in the assignment you can apply directly to the source provided.

3. Direct Transcription Jobs – The jobs and assignments listed in this section will allow you direct contact with business or individual to view the transcription details and offer them your services. Sometimes the fee will be set by the business or individual or open for negotiation. We list this section by country, state, region and city. Although in most cases it will not matter which country, state, region or city you choose because the work is done online.

If you are not liking or finding jobs in one of the categories we provide, then try another. Our members will always find a job resource we provide if you make the effort to view the resource listings.

You will see many jobs for “Medical” or “Legal” but there are just as many for “Transcription” or “General Transcription” as well.

IMPORTANT: Because there are literally thousands of jobs and assignments listed on this page we can’t screen everyone of them. Just be careful to NEVER send money or pay for the jobs. If you find one resource we provide that is consistently trying to get you to pay money, please email us and we will investigate the resource.

Transcription Outsource Services

We have listed in this section a large amount of outsourced transcription job opportunities through special outsourcing agencies. These companies specialize in outsourcing work directly to you.

The following outsourcing companies will need you to fill out their processing application to enter you into their systems for you to receive work. Some may require a résumé as this is how they will determine the level of work they will be able to outsource to you.

Note: We may suggest to look to these outsourcing companies once you have a few transcription jobs under your belt which can be achieved through the two additional categories we provide below.

Currently, they do not have many opportunities for Work-at-Home Transcriptionists and Proofreaders. They will contact you by email when we have any assignments.

Remote Real time Transcription – specializing in transcription for the educational setting and for hearing impaired. You will type recorded audio for people with hearing loss.

Verbalink offers transcribing audio recordings. They offer a verbatim transcription service to their clients, which means that their recordings are typed word for word.

If you are a quick typist with a good ear for language and a strong sense of written English, transcribing for Tigerfish can be a way to earn money while working at home.

You will be dealing with transferring video recordings to text. They will ask if you have start /stop video capabilities, if you have a VCR this will qualify you for assignments.

Transcribing and typing dictations of sound files or video files to word documents. FCC currently does have a wide variety of audio transcribing jobs in all locations.

Home transcript jobs with great pay. Jobs available for worldwide workers. If you live in Colorado you can get more local assignments as well as global assignments.

At-home transcribers needed to produce verbatim transcripts for media clients such as CNN, FOX and MSNBC. Ability to work independently and meet deadlines a must.

Word Processors (Transcription). Transcribe audio content of various corporate communications, video productions, web casts and other conferences. See requirements.

Requires some past transcription experience, we suggest after you have done a few assignments from other companies to apply to Voicesript if you are from the UK.

Data Entry, Typing and Transcription, offering many other opportunities such as research, focus groups etc. Very good opportunities all around for working at home.

Speakwrite offers positions in home data operators, that convert recorded audio to word text. Very simple job. The only problem is assignments are not always available.

Providing a convenient and inexpensive way to outsource secretarial projects. The secretarial services they provide range widely, which does include general transcription.

Cambridge Transcriptions is constantly looking for intelligent and capable people to join the staff. Reliable part-time positions are available, either on-site or off-site.

You must be available during U.K Hours of business. Online transcription training will be given. You may be asked to take a typing test to establish your skills level.

VITAC is looking for experienced steno-based real time writers to caption over 150,000 annual hours of popular programming. Candidates are real time transcribers.

The fast-growing transcription center needs transcribers to convert recorded material into text format at their offices in Boston MA. 75 wpm required, experience preferred.

Transcribe phone notes such as text, voice mails etc. for several types of people. Also you will get work transcribing work at IDictate which is their sister company.

They do mention 2 years experience for these assignments, but you can apply for assignments and if they are overloaded you can get some outsource work for at home.

eTranscription Solutions is always looking to expand their transcriptionist base. We have given you the software needed in Transcription Training and the basic skills required.

World Wide Dictation is looking for dedicated individuals who are interested in transcribing (verbatim) insurance claims (non-medical) on a full-time basis only from their homes.

Transcription Job Listings

We have listed in this section a large amount of outsourced transcription opportunities through special job listing sites. You will see telecommute and in-office jobs.

Just read the job and all those details will be give by the company or individual offering the transcribing job assignment.

We have a list of up-to-the minute real-time jobs and assignment postings. Many of these jobs and assignments may have been posted in the last few minutes.

Direct Transcription Jobs

We will list transcription jobs and assignments from direct sources in this next section which can be refined to a particular area if you choose.

Although all the jobs are listed by country, state, region or city will not mean you have to search jobs in you area. Most of the transcription jobs are global and work at home. So you can start near your area and work you search criteria to other locations if you choose.

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