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Global Data Entry Overview

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Global Data-Entry is a members’ favorite. Why? Because it is the easiest program to do, it doesn’t require any past experience; as with most of our programs, you can work at your own pace, and many members have realized that they can make a great income doing this simple job task.

We will give you complete training on this job from start to finish. The advantage of this program to the other programs we offer, is that it is simple to understand and get started, not to mention that it can generate income very easily.

This program can be done from any country in the world and everyone has an equal chance at earning the same amount of money. The reason is that this is done from your home over the Internet, and whether you post from the U.S.A or Malaysia, it will end up in the same spot; Therefor no one country has an advantage over another.

This is why this program is so popular. And as you will find out very profitable and will NOT REQUIRE ANY ADDITIONAL MONEY out of your pocket to earn money.

The training we provide for this program will assure your success. Typing short amounts of data submissions for as many of the the companies you want from the list in our database is all that is required.

The best part is that you will only need to sign up with one pay administrative account in order to get paid for many companies; we do offer three pay administrative accounts and you can sign up with all three, however, only one is required. The pay administrative accounts you will sign up for will handle all the administrative and keep track of your earnings; which are tracked up to the minute.

You can check your pay administrative account(s) at anytime to see how much money you have earned for your data submissions for any particular pay period including daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

Another great feature with our Global-Data-Entry program is that you will always have companies to do work for. Many companies will not need to approve you as long as you have already been approved by the main pay administrative account.

You will have the choice on which companies YOU want to work with; this is what sets our program aside from the others.

What we give you with our Global-Data-Entry program is the actual job!

As you will find out there are thousands of companies for which to do Global-Data-Entry data submissions.


What exactly is Global Data Entry?
As companies are beginning to realize that the Internet is rapidly becoming the best place to market their products and services, it is predicted that by the year 2019 Internet commerce for many large companies may make up to 80% of their total revenue.

The problem these companies are finding out is that this retail mega-giant called the Internet is so huge, that in order to properly market on it they need all the help they can get. These companies look to outsource this part of their company to data-submission operators, and in return the data-submission operators charge them a fee.

You are the data-submission operator, that will provide marketing by posting on the Internet for these companies through special data submissions we have designed. To make it easy for you to keep track of your earnings, you are going to use the pay administrative services we will provide you. You will never be charged a dime for the administrative services because you are providing a service to the companies they list. The companies pick up the bill for all of this, and your salary as well!

You are performing the actual job with this program
One of the best parts of this Global-Data-Entry program is that you are performing the actual job. As you go through this program you will be doing the actual job and earning money. Even going through the training the first time you will be submitting your data submissions and can start earning money. You will not be waiting on anyone but yourself to make money with this job!

How will you submit data for these companies?
In our training we will focus on all the posting methods that are currently in use today to submit marketing data for these companies. We use special posting software, Web directories, article posts, link generators, online forums, blogs, and search engines to just name a few methods.

The posting methods we teach you are currently being used by virtually all the Internet marketers today; all of which are earning great deals of money.

This is not an ad posting job. Don’t get confused with ad posting as the methods we use are not targeting ad sites solely for the purpose of advertisements. We are targeting getting the companies you post on search engines for indexing, Web directories, and other online sources. We will explain how all this works completely as we go through this program.

Some of the companies that you will work for
We will have you post data submissions for some well known fortune 500 companies to smaller companies dealing in digital delivery and software geared especially for the Internet market. Many of these companies are 100% Web based and some are well known companies. There is no limit to the number of companies you will be able to submit your data submissions for. The amount of time you have to post for these companies is what will finally determine how many companies you will actually work for.

As we will explain in this program it is never about the total amount of companies you post. It is more of the quality data submissions you perform for each company that will assure your earnings. We have many current members that only post for 4 to 5 companies a month and are earning $2,000 for EACH company per month. We have members that have posted for 200 companies in a month and made $1000 total. So as you see it is more about the quality of your data submission postings more than the amount of companies you post.

No worries! We will go over all of this in great detail to assure you are doing correct data-submission postings to earn the most money possible with the least amount of work.

How your work is tracked and pay is determined
Each company will assign you a special affiliate PAY CODE LINK.” also known to as a “HOPLINK;” with one of the pay administrative accounts refers to. This is done automatically once you select the company you want to post data submissions for.

Each company will assign you a different unique pay code link/hoplink to use in your data- submission postings. This is how all your earnings are tracked back to the pay administrative accounts for the company you post. We are going to give you good training on how to obtain these pay code links/hoplinks for each of the companies to assure you get credited with your earnings for the data you post.

How much will you earn
We first will explain how these companies will pay you. When you select a company you want to submit data for, you will see what each company will offer in compensation for your data submission posting efforts. Many will pay you a flat % of their product price, or a flat dollar amount for each of your successful data submissions.There are some that will pay for when someone simply visits their website through your posting and nothing needs to be purchased.

You can choose each company based the compensation they are willing to pay; if you feel your efforts are worth more than what is being offered for pay compensation, you simply don’t have to work for that company.

As mentioned we will explain in the training it is not all about doing the most submissions, it is the quality of submissions and using all the data-submission posting tools we provide. When you post your first company or companies, don’t expect to make a killing. This does take some time for your postings to get indexed and moving in the cyber world. However, as you keep at this you will sign in to your pay administrative accounts and see your earnings growing daily as you proceed with your postings.

Members that have dedicated themselves to this program can earn $500 or more per day; and that may be considered more of an average if you are dedicated. We will tell you that we do have members making $1000 or more per day that have been doing this program for a few years.

These companies do pay well!

You are going to see with the Global-Data-Entry job program there will be a few payment models that will pay you for your efforts. The most common are a flat-rate $ amount, % commission, per each lead, and per a simple click. For example, in the case of being paid for just a click, this means you will get paid when someone simply views your post you would be paid just for the visit.

If the company is willing to pay commissions, they usually will make it worth your while. For example, If one of our companies is selling their service and/or digital products for $99, they may be willing to give you 70% of a sale that your typing the data submissions efforts provide, that’s $69.30 for EACH sale.

In many cases with digital products you can make more than the actual website selling the product or their service, and you NEVER have to do any follow-up, answer any e-mails, or deal with any customer. Just post your data submissions and you are done!

Many members who make posts for some of these companies make $800 or more per day. If you think about it, your data-submission posts go out to 1,000 people, and only 1% makes a purchase for that $99.00 digital product, that is $693 per day for just one company. Now imagine doing that for seven or eight companies a month, I think you are getting the picture.

If you think this is a fairy tale, think again. We guarantee you that if you ever purchased ANYTHING on the Internet, you more than likely purchased it from an affiliate publisher, or a data-submission operator, and maybe even from one of our current member’s submission post.

How often you are paid
You are going to be paid differently by the three pay administrative accounts; each is explained in the pay administrative accounts we provide. One pay administrative account will pay once a month, and the other two pay twice a month usually around the 1st and 15th.

How you will receive your pay
Our main pay administrative account will allow you to be paid by PayPal, Moneybookers/Skrill, Payza, and for African members they offer Voguepay. The other two pay administrative accounts will pay by mailed check or direct bank deposit.

We do offer a tutorial to set up a free PayPal or Moneybookers/Skrill account in our “Set Up Pay Processing” in the resources section in left side menu.

Global-Data-Entry job and training process
We will explain the process of doing the Global-Data-Entry job and how the training will be presented.

Here is what the Global-Data-Entry job will consist of in a nutshell:

1. Select a company from thousands of potential companies to work with.

2. Get your special pay code/hoplink for the company you have chosen and do a little needed research of the company to gather information for your data submissions.

3. Follow the instructions we give for each posting tool to submit the company and your pay code/hoplink.

4. After you have done your data submission posting you will then login to your pay administrative account and check your earnings for each company you post.

It will be that simple once you have completed the training and learn exactly how to perform the job tasks.