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Global Data Entry Training

Training Overview and Curriculum


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Follow Our Guidance
We are going to show you everything you need to do this data-entry job program successfully. It is up to you whether you are willing to follow our guidance to do as we train you and earn a great income. Have a little patience and take your time and read through each part of the training and follow each steps we provide. We find the only people who have issues with this program are the members who skip around and then they will get lost and confused.

Follow EVERYTHING EXACTLY how we show you to be on your way to success as a Global-Data-Entry data-submission operator.

Our training program
If you do not understand any part of this training, we suggest you read through it again. Usually it will make more sense the second time through. If you are stuck at any part of the program, you can contact our members’ support team if needed and we will be glad to help. Please make sure you point out exactly where in the training you are stuck, for this will make it easy to get you the help you need.

Here is the training curriculum:

1. The Three Pay Administrative Accounts Explained

2. The Three Pay Administrative Accounts Tutorials

A. Getting Signed Up With Pay Administrative Account
B. The Pay Administrative Account Features
C. How to Find Companies to Promote in Pay Administrative Account
D. Selecting Companies and Getting the Pay Code/Hoplink For Each Company in Pay Administrative Account

3. Doing Research on Companies You Select From Pay Administrative Account

4. Making Your Pay Code Links More Attractive

5. Good Data Submission Posting Tactics

6. Data Submission Formatting

7. Data Submission Posting Tools Explained

So if you’re ready let’s get started!


1. The Three Pay Administrative Accounts Explained


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There are three pay administrative companies we will provide the training for: Pay-A-Click, ClickBank and Commissions Junction.

We will suggest a primary pay administrative account (Pay-A-Click) we will suggest to at least get signed up with the primary.

How many of the three pay administrative accounts should I sign up with?
The bottom line is it is entirely up to you on which pay administrative accounts to sign up with, and whether you sign up with one, two, or all three, will be your choice.

Of course you will need to sign up with at least one which we suggest Pay-A-Click because they offer a variety of pay types as well as company niches.

The three pay administrative accounts:


The first administrative account is called Pay-A-Click.

Out of the three pay administrative accounts Pay-A-Click will provide the least amount of companies to select from ( a few hundred). However, Pay-A-Click does provide the best pay and a nice variety of companies along with a great pay structure. They are also the fastest growing out of the three pay administrators which means there are more new companies to work with.

Out of the three pay administrative accounts, Pay-A-Click is offered to more countries which would be an advantage to a member from a country not accepted by the other two pay administrative accounts.

They represent a few hundred companies that deal in many different niches. You will see small digital products and large companies like and everything in between.

Your payments are processed directly through Pay-A-Click and payments are sent twice a month.

You can be paid by PayPal, Moneybookers/Skrill, Payza, or Voguepay (for African countries).

Pay-A-Click will offer direct bank transfer to their top earners. Once you start earning $5,000 in any pay period Pay-A-Click will send your payment by direct bank transfer. You will receive an invitation from them once you hit the $5,000 mark. You don’t have to accept to be paid by direct bank transfer if you choose.

No taxes are taken from your payments and you will not receive any tax reporting documents such as 1099 directly from Pay-A-Click. The reason is that PayPal and the other pay processors will send you any required tax report documents such as 1099 (U.S residents).

Only if you start receiving direct bank transfers you will be required you to submit your tax information and then any required tax reporting documents will be sent from Pay-A-Click.

How Pay-A-Click’s payment cycle will work:

If you earned income from the 1st through the 15th of any given month, that would be paid on the 1st of the following month. If you earned income between the 16th and last day of the month, then you would be paid on the 15th of the following month.

Example: You made $2,000 between January 1st and 15th, then you would receive payment on February 1st. If you earned $2,000 between the 16th and the end of the month, then you would receive payment on February 15th.

Pay-A-Click does have a $25 minimum payout, which means no payment will be sent until you reach $25 in any given pay period. Usually one posting can earn this so that will not be hard to achieve.



The second administrative account is called CLICKBANK

This pay administrative account offers the most companies out of the three pay administrative accounts. With ClickBank all of the companies will deal with digital downloads, software and information products. ClickBank offers around 40,000 of these products and companies, so there is a huge variety to choose from. Most of the companies are very small but do have great products and pay very well.

ClickBank is a good alternative if you are posting a lot of companies as there is an endless supply with this pay administrator.

ClickBank will not take any taxes out of your check, but they will send any required tax reporting documents such as  1099 (U.S. residents) at the end of the year so you can report your earnings as required by tax laws.

How ClickBank’s payment cycle will work:

You will be paid twice a month on the 1st and 15th by mailed check (allow a few days for your check to reach your mailing address) or direct bank deposit.

Your first earnings payment will be held for 60 days. After the 60 days it will be released and any other earnings will fall on a regular 15 day payment cycle. So basically after 60 days you will get paid twice a month.

ClickBank will have a minimum payout which can be set by you as low as $10.



The third administrative account is called Commission Junction

Commission Junction also known as (C.J.) represents around 2,000 companies. Most of the companies listed in Commission Junction will be well recognized companies such as Apple, Wal-Mart, Sony, America Express, HP, just to name a few. Commission Junction is the only one of the three administrative accounts that not all of the companies will have submissions to post at all times.

The advantages is you will get to work with fortune 500 hundred companies, the disadvantages is the pay is a little less and not all of the companies will have submissions to post.

Commission Junction will make payments for your earnings by mailed check or direct bank deposit. You can select which payment method you would like once you set up your account.

How Commission Junction’s payment cycle will work:

This is a very simple payment cycle that will pay you on the first of the month for all previous month’s earnings.

Commission Junction does have a minimum payout which is $50 and you can set it higher if you choose.

It is your choice on how many and which pay administrative accounts you want to sign up with!

The choice is yours on how many and which pay administrative accounts you want to sign up with. You can sign up for all three if you choose and will simply give you more companies to submit your data submissions for.

It may start to get a little overwhelming by having three different pay administrative accounts when you first get started with this program, but if you feel you can handle all three then go right ahead.

In the next sections of training for the pay administrative accounts we will provide tutorials for each pay administrative account. Select the tutorial for the pay administrative account you will want to work with and follow that section of the tutorial. Of course if you sign up with more than one pay administrative account you will need to follow the tutorials for those as well.


2. The Three Pay Administrative Accounts Tutorials


You will see we provide a separate tutorial for each of the three pay admin accounts below that will guide you on





It is your choice on which pay admin account to sign up with.

If you are undecided on which to sign up with, we do suggest to use Pay-A-Click as the primary because it is a very simple account to navigate, you can then use the other two pay admins as a secondary and/or third, but the choice is yours on which pay admin to sign up with and how many.













3. Doing Research on Companies You Select From Pay Admin


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Taking notes on the companies you select from any of the pay administrative accounts is critical for when it comes time to create and post your data submissions.

Here are the steps to follow to taking notes for the companies you select:

1. When getting your pay code/hoplink, open a separate Notepad or Wordpad for each company you select. You can then save the Notepad or Wordpad file as the name of the company, or something you can identify when you are ready to start posting your data submission.

1. After getting your pay code/hoplink, open a Web browser and paste the link into the address bar, then click enter.

2.You will need to make sure your pay code/hoplink is active and it should take you to the company’s website. If you get an error page you should then check your pay code/hoplink to make sure you did receive and/or copy the correct pay code/hoplink.

3. Open your Notepad or Wordpad file (the same one you used when you copied and pasted the pay code/hoplink).

When you are on the company’s website you will want to briefly read through their page and take notes on the following:

A. What is the main product(s) or service(s) that the company is selling.

B. Scroll over the window tab in your browser and note the page title. If no page title is given look at top of website to see if they provide a title of their product or service they are offering.

C. Copy a  sentence or paragraph in the website that bests sells their product or service.

D. Note any other selling points that stand out in their website.

E. Note any bonuses that are given away for free with purchase of main product or service.

F. Note the price or prices of product or service. If there is an immediate discount or time sensitive price, and the final price. (i.e. Regular Price $99, but for next 20 orders the price will be $39, etc.)

G. Note any warranties or guarantees of product or service (i.e. 30 day full money-back guarantee, etc.)

You can take any additional notes on any part of the website that you feel is informative as well.

Video Only Websites: In today’s technology age we are seeing more and more video sales pages. These are website pages that ONLY have a video and no text. In these cases you will need to watch the video to make any notes about what we mentioned above. Usually at the end of the video they will have payment button so that is where you can get the price point as needed.

It is also a good idea when you start posting your data submissions to have the company’s website open in a new window. This will give you quick reference if needed.

You now have everything you need to create your data submissions and after a few more minor steps of training will be ready to start submitting your data submissions and earning money!


4. Making Your Pay Code Links More Attractive

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Using an Online Link Shortening Tool

As you probably have noticed the pay code/hoplink you are getting from the pay administrators are long and with a bunch of codes that don’t make them too attractive.

We have a very simple tool that will take you less than a minute to shorten the links and make them a little more attractive.

The tool is by BZN.US (bzn (dot) us) and will allow you to quickly shorten your pay code/hoplink with a click of a button.

Here is how simple this is to do.

1. Go to BZN.US HERE

12-24 You will then be on the home page of

2. You will first need to sign up for a free account, this takes a few seconds to do. Click the “Get Started” button to sign up for your account.

If you already have an account, then you can click the “Login”

3. When you login to your account it will give you a few options

12-24 This is what your main dashboard page will look like:

4. You main will keep track of all the clicks your pay code/hoplinks are receiving if your use their shortening tool.

To shorten your link, place your pay code/hoplink In the top box where it says “Paste a Long URL

  • You don’t need to worry about the “Advanced Options” unless you want to use some of the options they provide, but it is not needed for your postings.

Click the “Shorten” button and it will shorten your link and add it to your account to track.

12-24 Grab your shortened link and you are ready to go:

You will see your shortened link in the box, copy that link.

To check your shortened link, simply paste the link in your Web browser, then click “Enter” to confirm it will redirect to the company’s website.

This shortened link will be your new pay code/hoplink you will submit with your data submission posts.

Secondary Link Shortening Tool

We do have another alternative link shortening tool for you to use by which is a quick tool and doesn’t require an account sign up. However, you won’t be able to track your links progress with the tool.

For a complete tutorial for CLICK HERE

5. Good Data Submission Posting Tactics


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Before we unleash you to the posting tools to start making your posts for the companies, we want to point out some good tactics to remember that will assure you earn the most money possible.

Here are some good tactics we suggest for doing Global-Data-Entry:

1. Take Good Research Notes: As previously mentioned in doing research for the companies you will post, make sure to take good notes as shown in the training. It will not only help you when it comes time to make your data submissions, but will ensure you have the material required for good quality posts.

2. Quality Posts: You might be thinking that to earn the most amount of money with Global-Data-Entry you simply just need to post a lot of companies using the posting tools we will provide. Well! not true… it is about the QUALITY of your posts more than the quantity of companies you post.

You can make more money doing good quality posts for one company, over doing poor quality posts for thirty companies.

To ensure you are doing quality posts will consist of following the exact instructions we give for each posting tools.

3. Use all the Posting Tools: We will provide four primary posting tools for you to make your data submission posts. Make sure to use all of the tools we provide. Just posting a bunch of companies to one or two posting tools will not help you earn money with the Global-Data-Entry program.

Some of the tools will take a little longer to use, but once you start posting your data submissions on a regular basis it can be done in a short amount of time.



6. Data Submission Formatting


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We are going to explain some of the formatting that will need to be done with some of your data submissions. You will need to know some basic terms that these posting tools will use.

Here are some of the terms needed in the format of your data submissions:

WEBSITE URL or URL:  Whenever you are asked for the “Website URL” or just “URL” you are going to put your pay code link/hoplink you received from the pay administrative account. This is how your data submission post is going to identify you as the sender and credit your earnings back to your administrative account.

TITLE or HEADLINE: In some of the posting methods you are going to need to input a title; also known as a headline. This is why we have mentioned to take research notes on each of the companies you are promoting so it will be very easy to supply when asked for a title or headline in your data submission post.

The title or headline will usually be around ten to twelve words. In these ten to twelve words you will need to highlight what exactly it is the particular company you are submitting for is selling or promoting on their website.

For example, if you were submitting for a dog training program, your title or headline may read:

“Are you looking for the quick and easy ways to train your dog? “

Note: We went directly to the company’s website we are promoting and we copied their own words displayed on their website. This took about 5 seconds to complete.

Title Headline Creator
To help you with your title or headline we have two great websites that can create you a unique title or headline in a click of your mouse.

Each of the headline creators are formatted a little different so you can try them both out to see which would best meet your needs based on the company or product you are needing creating headline for.

Both of the following headline creators are 100% free to use through the links we provide. Just click on their logo to go to their website:





DESCRIPTION or BODY: Along with a title/headline for each company, you may also need to enter a description (also referred to as the “Body”) for each company in your data submission post.

In most cases you will have about 40 to 50 words to achieve this. You will use your research notes to create a description for the company’s product or service if required in the posting tool.

Many times you can simply copy and paste a short paragraph from the company’s website that will give a good detailed description of what it is the company is selling,  promoting or offering.

Here is an example of how your description may look:

“It’s hard to deal with an animal that doesn’t speak English and can’t understand all of your directions and commands, and that seemingly has little respect for you and your home. Many owners resort to harsh methods of teaching or feel themselves tempted to give up entirely, ready to throw in the towel with dog training. Find out how you can solve your dog training issues.”

Note: We went directly to the company’s website we are promoting and we copied their own words. We then added the sentence at the end  “Find out how you can solve your dog training issues.” as a call to action to reader.

By using your notes and visiting the website you will be able to create descriptions in seconds.

So if you have an understanding of the URL, TITLE/HEADLINE and DESCRIPTION that may be asked to be submitted in some of the posting tools, you are ready to proceed to the posting tools.


7. Data Submission Posting Tools Explained


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Why Are You Going To Post Through The Tools We Provide?

We are going to explain in this section about the posting tools we provide and how and why they are used.

The main function of the posting tools is to get exposure and traffic (visitors) to the company’s website or product. As a result of getting exposure and traffic for the company’s website, it will also get exposure and traffic through your pay code/hoplink. Depending on the way the company is going to pay you it can generate income for each of your data submission postings.

If you are working with a company that is paying you for commissions, clicks or leads, then a high rate of traffic will earn you a high rate of income. The company’s website will benefit by more sales and everyone is happy!

This is why you will see many of the companies you will work with will actually pay you more then what they will make. If you are getting paid for clicks or leads then you are making money for essentially doing nothing but submitting data submissions.

The Posting Tools

We will provide five of the best posting tools on the Internet that are used by some of the top earnings online. We have streamlined these tools to be more effective and so that anyone even with no knowledge will be able to use them with simplicity.

The first time through will take you some time to get a feel for how they work. But once you use them on a regular basis you will be able to complete all your data submissions using all the tools in 30 to 45 minutes or less.

Those 30 to 45 minutes can add up to be a lot of money. One data submission can earn you $100 – $300 a day! Now multiply that by doing 3 or 4 data submissions a day. Now you can see how our members are making $1,000 or more per day doing the Global-Data-Entry program working only a few hours a day.

So if you are willing to put in the effort and time, we will guide you through the posting tools and get you earning some good money!