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We would like to welcome you to our Work-From-Home training and jobs programs. We offer the best program on the internet today for work-from-home opportunities, we hope you will feel the same way once you view the programs we offer.

One thing you will notice upon viewing our complete program is we give you everything you need from the training, tools, software, and most important the jobs and/or job resources and we will never ask you to pay any additional money or steer you to places that will ask for money. We even give fair warning if any job sources we do provide ask you to pay any additional money to report them to us so we can remove them from our database.

You may have seen many work-at-home programs to just give you a list of companies… and that is it! Well, you can find that for free with little effort yourself. Our program is completely different than that.

We currently have thousands of hours dedicated to our program research. We have designed or accumulated software for many of our job programs that has cost us thousands of dollars to develop which we give to you for free.

It is time to start motivating you on these truly amazing programs. If you follow our directions exactly how we have described, take your time to understand all the information we provide, you will see these programs work.

If you give 100% effort, do as we show, and don’t give up you can be getting some nice pay checks each month. The only members who don’t make money with our program is the members who don’t do the work or put in the effort. So the only thing preventing you from making money is yourself!

We will take you step-by-step through each of our programs. These training and jobs programs are not a race to the finish line so please take the time to absorb everything in the training — it is important so you perform the job tasks correctly.

It may seem a little overwhelming with all the details we give you at first, but keep in mind these are actual job tasks that will require precision details and will not leave you without the needed details to succeed. Remember, these are real jobs that require real training. We are not simply giving you a list of companies and telling you good luck like so many other work-from-home programs.

Once you have learned any or all of these programs you will see how easy it really is to make money working from home doing simple jobs from legitimate sources.

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Brief Summary of Our Program

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As a member of our team you will get ALL of the jobs we mentioned before you became a member and even many new ones we are adding all of the time!

We will give you all the details on all the job programs. Unlike many of the other work-at-home opportunities, you will NOT be limited to just making money with one type of program that may not meet your expectations.

We’ll train you on many job programs that will teach you many new skills needed for today’s online work world. You will see you are not limited to one type of job or payment method.

You will see you can get paid in almost every way possible such as hourly wages, completed assignments, and commissions. We even have some programs that allow you to set your own price for your work efforts.

With this program we have all the bases covered in regards to getting paid for doing these job tasks. Your hard work will not go unrewarded.

Before we get you started on your training, let us explain some useful resources and how to use the training programs we provide.

Offering the 7 Out of the Top 10 Online Work-From-Home Opportunities

If you do your research looking for the top 10 online work-from-home opportunities available on the Internet, our program now offer seven out of the top 10.

There is no other online opportunity that comes close to what we provide. You might be lucky to find a program that offers two of the programs we offer in one place, and if you do you could spend a lot of money to get access.

Video and Text Training

In most of our training programs we will provide both video training and text tutorials to allow people that may have visual or hearing impairments an equal chance for training. There will be some programs that only offer text tutorials, and some that will only offer video tutorials. Use these tutorials in which ever manner they are presented to your own preference.

Using the Resources

In the left side panel menu we provide our “Resources” section which will assist you with getting set up with a secondary email account which you can use exclusively for this home business. We also provide training to get set up with a pay processor such as PayPal which will be used to collect your payments.

In addition we offer other valuable resources for your home business and to assist you with our training program.

We Encourage the Most Novice User

Whether you have had a long working career, or if you have never worked a day in your life, no worries! These programs are designed to work for anyone with all levels of work experience, and education. Basically, if you can read and write, you can do this job with all the training and tools we provide!

Navigating Our Training Programs

We provide direct links to each of the job programs from this members home page in left side bar menu as well as subsequent training pages. If you get lost in any of the job courses, simply click on the “Members’ Home” to navigate back to the members home page.

Effective Training Tips

To help you do your training most effectively, we will make a few suggestions, such as make sure you are in a calm environment without any distractions. This will help you to better soak in all the training material we will provide.

We also suggest you follow each step-by-step tutorial or the actual exercises as you move through the training. It is common to not understand everything on first glance. Some members will go through the training courses a couple of times in order to fully understand the job tasks.

Remember, there are no time limits on your training!

Because we offer many job programs, we strongly suggest you stick with one job training program at a time. If you jump around between job training programs it will make it difficult to learn any of the programs well and will more than likely delay you getting to work doing the jobs and earning money.

At first glance the training programs are a lot to soak in, we will provide you with all the information that is required and won’t leave anything out. It is really much simpler than it looks once you commence.

Font Sizes

If the current font sizes are too small or too big, you can adjust these to a size you can read more easily. Some browsers (Like Firefox) will let you hold the the “Ctrl” key while you click the mouse scroll which will resize the page. You may also be able to click on “VIEW,” then “TEXT SIZE” in browser settings and you may enlarge or shrink the font sizes.

Where to Start

Because everyone has different preferences, it will be your decision on which of the many job programs you will choose to get started with. If you are unhappy with one of the programs, or its pay structure, etc. simply choose another of the job programs offered.

We do list several other job programs that all are designed to earn a good income working online through our program. The bottom line it is your choice what jobs you would like to do!

Equal Opportunities

With these programs, all of our members will have the same opportunity to earn the same amount of income whether you are from United States, Canada, Australia, India, UK, Philippines, Nigeria, Pakistan, etc.

All of the jobs you will be doing will be done online, which will allow you to perform any of these job tasks from anywhere in the world as long as you have an Internet connection. We have plenty of companies that are willing to send payments anywhere in the world for the work you provide.

Members Support

We will provide free support for our program that is provided by to our helpful support staff to assist you with any questions or issues you might be having.

We provide two methods to contact us directly:

1. Click the “Support” link located in top header of each page. You will submit a support request ticket. The first time using this support ticket system you will need to set up a login to use the support ticket system. After that it is very simply to send support ticket requests directly to support staff.

2.  You can email us directly at either or This may take a little longer to respond over the support ticket system, but it is easier to use especially for quick simple questions.