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Online Researcher Job Overview

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Online research jobs exists because, in order to remain competitive in their given markets, companies need a better understanding of their customers and the customers’ perception of products or services.

Online researchers are separated by personal demographics so that the data will better apply to the target audience the marketing firm is trying to reach.

Because the corporate marketing companies need to understand consumer perceptions in-depth, they will offer a salary to online research participants. That’s You!

A participant will never have to pay for a legitimate research study. Only get paid for your work!

Nowadays, many people want to make money on Internet. Some of them want to be rich overnight while others just need a second income. Although you aren’t going to be living in nightclubs or have fancy yachts, this is a legitimate way to make a good income.

Making money online participating in online research studies is easy, you just need to know how to do it right.

We are going to show you how to get the best out of this opportunity that can generate a nice income for very little effort.

Several market research companies out there want to pay for your opinion. They have millionaire budgets and you can register with them and take part in online research studies getting some money in return.

As an online researcher you will be asked to view certain websites, online products, programs, etc. After you access the website’s product or service you will type a report about your opinion, experience, and overall judgement of the companies you research.

About 90% of the work is done online so you can do it do from your home. You will have the opportunity to visit offline focus groups that can earn you much more money for viewing the presentation then typing your report based on the focus group’s reporting criteria.

* Focus group studies are completely optional and not required for you to get the online jobs.

The basic jobs online will take an average of about thirty minutes from start to finish to complete. The longer the assignment usually means more earning potential.

We will give you detailed instructions on how to get these assignments and will provide hundreds of companies for you to work with directly through our database.

Job Tasks

You will work directly with companies and/or online research evaluation sources. If you do an online research project you will receive an online form to type your report which is provided by the company or the research evaluation source.

You will get detailed instructions on what your report is to contain and how they would like it formatted. Once you complete the online report you will get paid the set amount that was explained before taking the assignment.

We will give you all the training required to assure you do the online reports correctly and efficiently as well as quickly as possible. We give you all the tools, resources that you will need to do this job program.

Pay Sources

Most of the companies or research evaluation resources will want to pay by PayPal. This is because it is easier and faster for them to make payments and keep track of payments. You can request a mailed check and most will have no issues with mailing you a check. Some may even offer direct bank transfer as an option.

How often you’ll receive a check? It varies by company. Some pay directly after a study is complete, and some will pay you at the next pay cycle, which is usually once or twice a month. Once you are participating steadily in these projects you should see payments coming in at all times of the month.

Some of these research companies will require you to reach a minimum earning amount in order to get paid. It usually is $25, which should be easily obtained. The companies do this for administrative costs to avoid the hassle of sending out $5 and $10 payments.


An aggressive online researcher through our program can make as much as $300 per day doing these online reports. This is because the average pay for a thirty minute assignment is about $30 and with our training our members can complete these in half the time allowing for more time to do additional assignments.

What to Expect

The hardest part of this job program is the initial set up with the business evaluation companies. Once you have accomplished your set up then this job program really becomes streamline. You will check your inbox for assignments, accept or not accept assignment, then complete the assignment and get paid.

Did We Mention This Can Be Fun?

This opportunity comes several guises. First you can service companies that will require you to help them input online research from particular formats into written data by your own experience.

Second, you can participate in the studies themselves, by means of online surveys, focus groups, and study panels.

Type your own personal experiences in many cases and get paid for it!

And best of all you will be getting paid for something that is a lot of fun!