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Associate Auditor Assignments

In this section, you’ll be introduced to the major market research companies that pay Americans, just like you, to do evaluation audits of businesses.

With 130 + companies to choose from, you’ve got great variety and ample opportunity to keep busy for a long time to come.

Simply contact any of our approved companies by visiting their websites and register online for assignments. Each of these companies operates differently so just read any instructions while getting signed up.

To contact the companies – simply click on any of the company names that are listed under our work resources and a new window will open up – taking you directly to that company’s website – where you can apply with them for
audit assignments.

We can’t stress enough that you can apply to any market research company regardless of where they are located. Just because a market research company might not be located in your particular area, this does not mean that there is no work where you live.

Most of our market research companies have clients in all towns and regions of the country and will hire auditors wherever their clients need shops to be done. The market research companies listed in this resource offer auditing assignments in all regions and have shops nationwide.

For example, you could live in Miami, Florida and get plenty of shops from a market research company based in Chicago, Illinois.

So again, the location of the market research company does not matter. What does matter is the location of their clients’ businesses (the stores and services that you will be auditing).

It’s in your best interest to apply to as many companies as you possibly can. The more companies you apply to – the more audits you can get!

Applying to Companies

When you apply to any of the market research companies look for information about “Auditors” or Mystery Shoppers” on their website to guide you to the correct place to get set up.

Most companies want the same basic information. They will, of course, want to know your name, e-mail address and phone number. They may want to know if you have worked as a mystery shopper or field auditor before (your work experience). They may want to know what areas or towns you are willing to audit in and they may want to know if you are willing to accept last minute audits. Often you are asked to tell of a memorable shopping experience or they may want to know why you think you would make a good auditor. Be prepared to have this information available.

Since each of these businesses is different, you can’t expect to get the same amount of money for each assignment that you may go on. If you got paid $15 to shop for a half hour from one company – that does not mean that the next company will pay you that same amount. Some of these companies will allow you to get additional free merchandise when you shop. That depends on which store you’ll be shopping at and what terms you have agreed to before your audit.

Keep in mind that these companies really need you as much as you need them. If you don’t hear back from a company right away, they will of course, keep your name on file until needed. Associate Auditing is not a 9 to 5 job.

On a given day you might get your hair styled, get an oil change for your car, and enjoy a tasty meal at a great restaurant. There also may be days or a week that you do not do any auditing at all. We cannot make a claim for the number of assignments you will go on in any given time period. It all depends on the availability of stores to audit at in your local area, as well as if you are willing to travel and what times you are available to audit.

Persistent and Patience

When applying for shopping work, you have to be persistent and patient.

After you have registered with our listed market research companies, it may take a little while to get things in motion before you start receiving your shopping invitations at first but just stick with it. Contact fifty of our listed market research companies and you’ll get those assignments!

SPECIAL NOTE: After you have done your first shop, you will be considered an experienced mystery shopper and that can always get you more shops with other companies.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t meet your financial goals the first week. Everything takes time. Stick with it and enjoy your Field Associate Auditing!

Market Research Companies


A Closer Look
Retail, Restaurants, Hotels,
Entertainment, Gas Station, Convenience
Store, Grocery, Transportation, Health
Care, Home / Apartment, Automotive,

A Customer’s Point of View
Retailers, food service providers,
financial institutions and more

Ace Mystery Shopping
Restaurants, Retail Outlets, Automotive

Amusement Advantage
Amusement Industry: Amusement Parks,
Theme Parks, Water Parks, Family
Entertainment Centers, etc

Ann Michaels & Associates
Restaurant (casual & fine dining),
Entertainment (theatre, theme park),
Retail (general), Casino / Gaming, Hotel
/ Motel, Fast Food, Grocery, Health Care,
Automotive, Insurance, Banking /
Financial, Home / Apartment

Anonymous Insights
Retail (general), Hotel / Motel,
Restaurants, Entertainment (theater,
theme park), Gas Station, Convenience
Store, Grocery, Health Care, Financial

Apartment Shoppe
Mystery shopping services to apartment
communities throughout the United States

Ardent Services, Inc.

At Your Service Marketing*
Hotel / Motel, Restaurant (casual &
fine dining), Retail – General, Fast
Food, Gas Station, Convenience Stores,
Grocery, Health Care

Ath Power Consulting
Insurance, Banking / Financial, Retail
(general), Gas Station, Convenience Store

A&A Merchandising Ltd
Computer distributors &
manufacturers, Food distributors,
Pharmaceutical manufacturers, Toy
manufacturers, Veterinary food &
accessory manufacturers, Financial
Institutions, Consumer Goods


Baird Consulting
Health care industry

Bare Associates International
Restaurants, Bars, Golf Courses, Health
Clubs and Hotels

Best Mark
Restaurants, Retail Stores, Casinos,
Shopping Malls, Banks, Hotels

Beyond Hello
Restaurant (casual & fine dining),
Retail (general), Fast Food, Health Care,
Banking / Financial

BMA Mystery Shopping
Apartments, Automotive, Gas Station,
Convenience Stores

Business Evaluation Services
Automotive, Banking, Theme Parks,
Restaurants, Retail, Gas Stations


California Marketing Specialists
Apartment shops

Campus Consulting
Serving businesses from Bookstore Chains
to Financial Services to Shopping Centers

Capstone Research
Restaurant, Retail, Fast Food,
Convenience Stores, Banking / Financial,
Gas Station

Cirrus Marketing Consultants
Hotel / Motel, Restaurant

Confero Inc
Retailers, Restaurants, Financial
Institutions, Automotive Service Centers

Consumer Critique
Restaurants, Retail, Real Estate, Fitness
Centers, Financial Institutions, Hotels,

Consumer Impressions*
Restaurant shops

Consumer Research Group
Retail Chains, Fast Food Chains

Corporate Research Int.
Retail, Entertainment, Multi-family
Housing, Convenience Store, Banking

Count On Us
Banks, Bars & Taverns, Convenience
Stores, Department Stores,
Entrepreneurial Establishments, Hotels /
Motels, Restaurants, Retail Stores,
Service Stations, Specialty Stores,

Coyle Hospitality Group
Specialize in fine Hotels, Restaurants,
and Spas

Creative Image Associates, Inc.
Insurance industry, Banking/Financial

Cross Financial Group
Financial institutions

Customer 1st*
Hotel / Motel, Restaurant (casual &
fine dining), Retail (general), Fast
Food, Gas Station, Convenience Store,

Customer Perspectives
Restaurants, banks, department stores,
specialty stores, and more

Customer Service Experts
Shopping Centers, Food Service Providers,
Restaurants, Airport Concessions,
Business to Business Programs,
Entertainment/Destination Clients, Health
Care Providers

Customer Service Profiles
Banking, Financial, Insurance, Hotel /
Motel, Retail



Data Quest
Entertainment (theater, theme park), Fast
Food, Hotel / Motel, Retail, Restaurant

Banking, Financial Services

David Sparks and Associates
Retail, Financial, Health Care, Business
to Business, other service industries

Draude Marketing Services
Banking / Financial, Restaurant (Casual,
Fast Food & Fine Dining), Retail
(General), Gas Station/Convenience Store,
Grocery Store

DSG Associates
Apartment, Automotive, Banking,
Entertainment, Fast Food, Gas Station,
Grocery, Insurance, Hotel / Motel,
Retail, Restaurant

Dynamic Advantage
Restaurant (Casual & Fine Dining),
Fast Food, Gas Station, Convenience
Store, Grocery


Ellis Property Management

Auto Dealers, Banking, Government, Health
care, Hospitality, Retail
Storage facilities, Travel


Feedback Plus
Automotive, Banking, Entertainment, Fast
Food, Gas Station, Retail, Restaurant

Freeman Group Solutions
Hotel/Motel, Restaurant

Frontline Shoppers
Retail, Restaurants, Hotels,
Entertainment, Grocery


GAP Buster
Food & Hospitality, Health Care,
Entertainment, Telecommunications,
Petroleum and other Retail and Customer
GAP Buster Worldwide is the
world’s largest mystery shopping company.
Operating in 30 countries, they work with
some of largest, reputable businesses in
the world like McDonald’s, Chevron
Texaco, Virgin, UK Post, Blockbuster

Global Compliance Services
Fast Food, Gas Station, Convenience
Store, Retail

Goodwin and Associates
Restaurant & Bar shops

Graymark Security Services
Retail stores, Restaurants, Nightclubs,
Hotels, Cruise lines, other customer
oriented companies

Guest Check
Hotels and Restaurants


Harris Teeter*
Grocery chain
*North Carolina, South
Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee,
and Florida


ICC Decision Services
Fast Food, Grocery, Retail

Automotive, Banking, Fast Food, Grocery,
Retail, Restaurant

Informa Research Services
Banking / Financial, Fast Food, Gas
Station / Convenience Store, Grocery,
Hotel / Motel, Retail

Instant Reply
Various assignments

Insula Research
Business-to-business, Retail (General),
Fast Food, Gas Station/Convenience Store

Apartment communities, Luxury Products
Retailers, Automotive Manufacturers,
Mobile Communications Companies, Auto
Services, Restaurants, Banks and
Financial Services, Retailers,
Convenience Stores, Grocery

Automotive, Banking & Financial


Retail, Restaurant, and Service
Industries. Rental/Housing Research

JM Ridgway
Grocery, Retail, Other


Banking, Retail, Restaurant


LeBlanc & Associates
New Home Sales


M – Q

Management Consultant Group
Fast Food, Hotel / Motel, Restaurant

Maritz Research
Automotive, Banking, Entertainment
(theater, theme park), Fast Food, Gas
Station, Hotel/Motel, Retail, Restaurant

Market Viewpoint
Restaurants, Real Estate, Apartments, New
Homes & Senior Housing, Grocery
Stores, Retail Stores of All Kinds, Child
Care Centers, Health Care, Financial
Institutions, Automotive, Theaters,
Amusement Parks & Entertainment
Venues, Internet Services, Museums

Mars Research
Automobile Dealers, Academia, Financial
Institutions, Health Care Companies,
Hospitals, Government, Pharmaceuticals,
Travel and Tourism, Telecommunications,
Real Estate Developers, Retail,

Measure Consumer Perspectives
Automotive, Insurance, Banking/Financial,
HOtel/Motel, Restaurant (Casual &
Fine Dining), Entertainment (theater,
theme park), Retail (general), Fast Food,
Gas Station, Convenience Store, Health
Care, more

Melinda Brody & Company*
Video Mystery Shopping for new Home Sales

Mercantile Systems & Surveys
Restaurants, Hotels, Entertainment

Merchandise Concepts
Retail, Hospitality, Service industries

Michelson & Associates Inc
Automotive, Financial, Grocery, Drug
Stores, Property Management, Restaurant,
Hospitality, Retail

Mintel International Group
Entertainment (theater, theme park), Fast
Food, Restaurant

MSI (Game Film Consultants)
Apartments, Automobile, Banks, Casinos,
Fast Food, Fitness Clubs, Golf Courses,
Grocery, Health Care, Home Improvement,
Hospitality (Hotel, Resort), Retail,
Restaurant, Spas, Travel (Airlines,
Travel Agencies)

Consumer Electronics, Communications and
Information Technology industries



National Shopping Service
Amusement Parks, Home Improvement,
Automotive, Banks, Jewelry, Clothing,
Storage Facilities, Books / Music, Pets,
Grocery, Drug Stores, Fast Food, Fine
Dining, Hair Salon, Car Rental, Gas

National Shopping Network
Automotive, Banking, Fast Food,
Entertainment, Retail (department stores,
gift shops, hardware stores, home
improvement stores, grocery stores,
jewelry stores, video rental stores,
etc.), Restaurants, Other

Northwest Loss Prevention
Gas Station, Convenience Store, Retail
(general), Restaurant

Hospitality, Retailers, Financial
Institutions, Government Entities, Health
Clubs, Casinos, Home Services, Law Firms,


Opinions, Ltd
Restaurant, (casual & fine dining),
Retail (general), Gas Station,
Convenience Store


Pacific Research Group*
Varied assignments
*Shoppers need a laptop and
digital camera to work for Pacific.

Pats Promotions (AIM)*
Banking/Financial, Restaurant (casual
& fine dining), Retail, Fast Food

Perception Strategies
Health Care, Insurance,

Performance Edge
Hospitality, Retail, Service industries

Person to Person Quality
Apartment, Automotive, Banking /
Financial, Government, Health Care,
Insurance, Retail, Restaurant

Phantom Shoppers
Restaurants, Resorts, Hotels, Casinos,
Banks, Car Dealerships, Retail outlets

Promotion Network
Fast Food, Grocery, Retail


QSI Specialists*
Hotel, Gaming, Hospitality, and Retail

Quality Assessments Shoppers
Automotive, Banking / Financial,
Entertainment, Fast Food, Gas Station,
Retail, Restaurant

Quality Assurance Consulting*
Hospitality: Bar, Restaurant

Quality Shopper*
Grocery Chain

Quest for Best
Fast Food, Gas Station, Hotel / Motel,
Retail, Restaurant


R – Z

Remington Evaluations*
New Home Sales
*Maryland, New Jersey,
Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Virginia,
Delaware, Florida,
Indiana, Tenessee, Missouri, Kentucky

Rentrak Corporation
Services a large cross-section
of retail locations across the US

Restaurant Cops

Rocky Mountain Research*
Banking, Fast Food, Gas Station, Health
Care, Hotel / Motel, Retail, Restaurant
*Utah, Washington, Idaho,
Montana, Colorado, Nevada, Wyoming,
Arizona, New Mexico, Southwest Texas

Fast Food, Gas Station, Retail,


Satisfaction Services
Retail, Restaurant, Hospitality, Service

Second To None
Banking, Fast Food, Gas Station,
Government, Grocery, Hotel / Motel,
Retail, Restaurant

Secret Shopper
Restaurant, Retail, Automotive, Grocery,
Hotels, Services, More

Sensors Quality Management
Airlines, Automotive, Banks, Hotels,
Retail, Restaurants

Sentry Marketing Group
Automotive, Hotel/Motel, Restaurant
(casual & fine dining), Retail

Service Alliance Inc
Apartment, Hotel / Motel, Retail

Service Check
Fast Food, Gas Station, Retail,

Service Evaluation Concepts
Banking, Retail, Restaurant

Service Excellence Group
Automotive, Banking,
Business-to-business, Entertainment, Fast
Food, Health Care, Restaurant, Retail

Service Impressions
Airport, Apartment, Golf Course, Health
Club, Hotel, Restaurant, Retail

Service Intelligence
Automotive, Banking,
Business-to-business, Entertainment, Fast
Food, Gas Station, Government, Grocery,
Health Care, Hotel/Motel, Retail,

Service Performance Group
Banking, Business-to-business,
Hotel/Motel, Retail, Restaurant

Service Probe
Apartment, Fast Food, Other

Service Research Corporation

Service Sense
Retail, Restaurant

Service Sleuth
Automotive, Lodging (hotel, motel, inns,
etc.), Restaurant (Casual & Fine
Dining), Entertainment (theater, theme
parks), Retail (general), Fast Food,
Telephone, Grocery Stores, Health Care

Shoppers Confidential
Restaurant (casual & fine dining),
Retail (general)

Shoppers Critique Int.
Automotive, Banking & Financial,
Entertainment & Theme Parks, Food
& Beverage Services, Home Builder
& Condo Sales, Property Management,
Resort Hotels & Hospitality, Retail

Shoppers Inc
Banks, Restaurants, Retail

Shoppers View
Automotive centers, Auto glass
replacement centers, Apartment
management, Banks / Credit Unions,
Check-cashing centers, Eye-care centers,
General and specialty retail, Health
clubs, Hotels, Mortgage centers, Payday
advance stores, Rent-to-own stores,
Storage facilities

Six Star Solutions
Automotive, Banking/Financial,
Hotel/Motel, Restaurants (Casual &
Fine Dining), Retail, Grocery, Health

Spies in Disguise
Automotive, Entertainment, Hospitality


Texas Shoppers Network
Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Health Care,
Personnel Agencies, Banks, Apartments,
Home Builders, Retail Stores, Other

Fast Food, Government, Hotel / Motel,
Restaurants, Retail, Transportation


Vision Client*
Banking/Financial, Hotel/Motel,
Restaurant (casual & fine dining),
Retail (general), Grocery, more
California, New York


Winthrop Douglas Inc
Retail, Gas Station, Convenience Store,


Zellman Group
Retail, Hospitality